The Husk Factor: Perfecting Your Grilled Corn Technique

Perfect Your Grilled Corn Technique

Grilled corn has always been a fall grilling staple. The difference between grilled corn and perfectly grilled corn, however, often lies in the husk. So, how long do you grill corn in husk for the best results? At Jack Cooper Custom Meats, we’re passionate about sharing the best practices for how long to grill corn in the husk to help you achieve the perfect, sweet, and charred grilled corn.

Soaking Corn Before Grilling in the Husk

Before you start the journey of preparing your corn in husk on the grill, there’s one step that is paramount to your technique: soaking the husk in water. By immersing the corn in water, husk and all, for about 15-30 minutes sets the stage for optimal results, ensuring the corn cooks evenly and brings a delightful blend of smoky and juicy flavors.

Corn in Husk on the Grill: How Long Does It Take?

Now that you’ve soaked your corn and fired up your grill, how long does it take to grill the corn? It’s all in the precision. Placing the corn on medium-high heat grill grates and turning occasionally should have your corn cooked in 20-25 minutes.

Pro Tip: Knowing When It’s Done 

The grilling duration for corn in husk is essential, but determining when it’s perfectly done is an art. If you’re uncertain the corn is done, peel a tiny section of the husk and pinch a kernel. The kernels should be juicy and tender when gently squeezed. The tenderness in the kernel means you’ve reached grilled corn perfection.

A Perfect Pairing: What Grilled Meat to Eat with Grilled Corn in the Husk

While grilled corn is delicious on its own, pairing it with the right meal can take it to the next level. At Jack Cooper Custom Meats, our favorites to accompany your grilled corn are a tender ribeye or a filet mignon. The flavors of the sweet corn and the savory meat are a perfect pairing that will leave an impression at the dinner table.

Mastering the art of how to grill corn on the cob with the husk will transform your mealtime. With these tips and best practices, you’re well on your way to perfecting your grilling techniques. Happy fall grilling!

*Remember, the information provided in our blog post is a guideline for you to reference. They are not definitive rules and may not apply universally. Specific circumstances and preferences may vary. Always use your personal judgment and consult with professionals when necessary.


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