Ultimate Grill Master – Bundle

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Unleash your inner grill master with Jack Cooper’s Ultimate Grill Master Pack. This expertly curated selection of our top-quality meats is everything you need for your backyard barbecue, family gatherings, or simply to satisfy your grilling cravings.

This flavorful bundle includes:

  • Two Packs of Buttery Prime Rib Patties: Savor the buttery goodness of our Prime Rib Patties. Each pack includes four patties, made from the choicest cuts of prime rib and infused with a smooth, buttery flavor. Perfect for creating gourmet burgers at home.
  • Two Packs of Regular Beef Patties: Our Regular Beef Patties are a grilling essential. Each pack includes four hearty patties, prepared from top-quality beef and seasoned just right. Perfect for classic burgers.
  • One Pack of Beer Brats: Our Beer Brats pack a unique punch of flavor. Infused with premium beer and traditional spices, they’re perfect for a quick grill and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.
  • One Pack of Pizza Brats: Bring the irresistible flavors of a classic pizza to your grill with our Pizza Brats. Bursting with the flavors of zesty marinara, melty cheese, and aromatic herbs, it’s a fun twist on traditional bratwurst.
  • One Pack of Regular Pork Brats: Our Regular Pork Brats are a timeless classic. Perfectly seasoned and ready to grill, they are a must-have for any barbecue.
  • One Pack of Bacon Mac and Cheese Brats: Indulge in the unique flavor combination of our Bacon Mac and Cheese Brats. The creamy, cheesy goodness paired with smoky bacon bits promises a culinary delight.
  • Three Packs of Old Fashioned Hot Dogs: No grill is complete without our Old Fashioned Hot Dogs. Crafted from top-quality meats and perfectly seasoned, they’re a hit with kids and adults alike.

And to thank you for choosing Jack Cooper, we’re including a free pack of our signature Jerky. Slow-cooked and smoked to perfection, our jerky is a high-protein, flavorful snack that you can enjoy anytime.

Experience the Jack Cooper difference with our Ultimate Grill Master Pack, bringing the taste of honest, quality, and craft from our family farm to your family table. Perfect your grilling game and enjoy the best that Jack Cooper Custom Meats has to offer.


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