Bone-In Griller – Bundle

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Delight in the depth of flavor that only bone-in cuts can offer with our Bone-In Griller Pack from Jack Cooper Custom Meats. Hand-selected for their quality and taste, these cuts deliver an unparalleled grilling experience for the true meat connoisseur.

This exclusive bundle includes:

  • Three Bone-In Ribeyes: Enjoy the rich, juicy flavor of our Bone-In Ribeye steaks. These cuts boast a perfect balance of lean meat and marbling, resulting in a savory meal full of flavor.
  • Three T-Bone Steaks: Our T-Bone steaks are a griller’s dream. With a tenderloin and strip steak separated by a T-shaped bone, these cuts deliver a robust flavor and a unique grilling experience.
  • One Tomahawk Steak: Experience the indulgence of our premium Tomahawk Steak. This bone-in ribeye cut, with its Frenched bone left intact, is not only flavorful but also visually impressive – the ultimate show-stopper for your BBQ.
  • Three Bone-In Pork Chops: Savor the rich taste of our Bone-In Pork Chops. Tender, flavorful, and perfect for grilling or baking, these chops are sure to be a hit at your next family dinner.

And, as a token of our appreciation, this bundle includes a free pack of our signature Jerky. Slow-cooked and smoked to perfection, our jerky is a high-protein, flavorful snack that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Experience the Jack Cooper promise of honesty, quality, and craft in every cut with our Bone-In Griller Pack. From our family farm to your family table, discover the delight of true meat flavor with this exquisite selection of our finest bone-in cuts.


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