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about Jack Cooper

Crafted by people who care.

At Jack Cooper Custom Meats, honesty is everything. It’s what we value in our family, and our family’s work. From raising our animals to expert butchering to creating our signature products, you can see all the care, craft and hard work that goes into everything we do, from start to finish.

From raising the animals to expert butchering and making our signature products, we personally guarantee the quality in every cut.

Quality. Family. Pride.

Quality you can see.

Headquartered on our family farm, Jack Cooper Custom Meats crafts the highest quality beef and pork.

The Ones That Started It All

Meet the Owners

In 2019, Aaron and Amy took their first steer to be butchered, but the experience left them feeling unsatisfied. The steer was mixed in with other animals, and there was no guarantee that they received their own, original meat back. As a family that values quality and transparency in their meat production, this was not acceptable. It was then that they decided to start their own butcher shop, to provide their customers with the same care and quality that they sought for themselves.

At Jack Cooper, you can expect to receive the highest quality, ethically-raised, and custom-cut meats that meet your specific needs and preferences. We’re committed to continuously improving our processes and sourcing practices to ensure that we always offer you the best products possible.


Aaron Burkhart


Amy Burkhart


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